Williamson Hi*Flo Rampumps go international in 2013!

News and Events

Kevin with Ing. Abdel Torres

Panama, 17 December, 2013

Kevin Smith with Abdel Torres
, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture for the province of Chiriqui in Panama, and General Manager of Riegos De Chiriqui, the major supplier of irrigation systems in the country.

Kevin toured Costa Rica and Panama in December of 2013 to meet with potential distributors of the Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump.  He surveyed sites for the installation of demonstration models and analyzed Central America as a market for the growth and expansion of the company. 
ram pump, rampump
Kevin Smith with the installation crew

Vanuatu, September, 2012

Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump installed in the village of Epule in Vanuatu under an aid program funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

Kevin Smith guides the installation of a Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump to supply potable water for a community on the island of Vanuatu in the southwest Pacific.

Lifting clean water from streams for use by communities at higher elevations above the source is a major role that the Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump can play for the betterment of the developing world.