Our courteous and trained staff will help you determine if a
Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump is right for your property and objectives.

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The Williamson Hi*Flo Rampump is manufactured by:

Kevin Smith Steelworkers, Ltd.
P.O. Box 222
Ngaruawahia 3742, NZ

Free phone within NZ  0800 420 726
Phone +64 7 824 5547
FAX: +64 7 824 5549
email = steelworkers@xtra.co.nz

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Help Us To Help You...If you can provide the answers to the following four questions when you first contact us we will be able to serve you with accurate information about which model of pump fits your requirements and what the installation is likely to require:

  1. How many litres per second can you get from your water source and what is the water source? e.g. creek, river or stream?
  2. How many litres do you require per 24 hours and what are you wanting to use the water for?
  3. What is the vertical height (VH) that you want to pump the water to?
  4. What is the vertical fall (VF) you can get from the water source down to where the Rampump would be positioned? 

The image below illustrates the vertical fall (VF) and the vertical height (VH) to help you answer the four questions.