Attention Farmers: Reliable rampump lifts water for land intensification

Thousands of farmers hold stock on upland pastures with Williamson Hi*Flo Rampumps

Serving New Zealand farmers with the highest quality water ram for 35 years!

Could you create more wealth from your property by lifting water from your stream to where it will hold stock on slopes, supply buildings or irrigate valuable crops... without the expense of petrol or electricity? 
Hold stock on hillsides with water from our reliable pumps for more uniform grazing and weight gain!

Pump water as high as 400 meters vertical height above your stream and several kilometers to your tank!

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ram pump

What our customers say: "To intensify land use on our 420 Ha sheep and beef farm, we are now using a Williamson rampump to lift water from a stream to the tops of the hill paddocks.  We lift water 130 meters vertically to a hilltop holding tank 800 meters from the pump site for distribution to a number of paddocks.  All the farmers we talked to who own Williamson rampumps are very happy with the product.  The quality of materials and fabrication of these pumps is impressive.  Company personnel who assisted with the installation were a pleasure to work with, and gave us excellent backup service.  Most important for us, the Williamson rampump sets itself apart by being reliable.  We can trust that our stock always have water for optimal weight gain. We can make all adjustments ourselves without a technician.  We have no expense in petrol or electricity and our pump should pay for itself in fifteen months"  

Bill Garland, Rahiri Farm, Cambridge, NZ

9 years and past Chairman of the Farm Environment Awards

9 years and past Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust for protecting land

Past National Chairman of the Meat & Wool section of the Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Past President of the Waikato Federated Farmers

Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit
Contact us today with your inquiry.  Kevin, Cathy or Mark at the phone will give you professional service.

NOTE: If possible, have ready the figures on 1) how many liters of water per day you require to be pumped, and 2) what is the minimum flow in liters per second of your stream or source. 

If you do not know this stream volume call us regardless because we can measure it for you during our site visit.